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A Law Firm That Treats Clients Like Family

Last updated on September 11, 2023

At Menees & Menees, we take each client’s goals and priorities to heart. With a small, dedicated legal team, including father-and-son attorneys, we pride ourselves on the personalized counsel we provide.

Getting to know each client includes becoming deeply familiar with their challenges and goals. At the same time, our clients become part of our firm’s family. They soon learn firsthand about our compassionate, caring approach, as well as our thorough knowledge of courts and laws pertaining to their family law matters, including:

Divorce: We dedicate significant time to helping people navigate the divorce process. Our firm handles high-asset divorces for business owners, professionals and investors, as well as divorces for working people with average incomes.

Some clients’ divorces are uncontested. These couples need help achieving an efficient dissolution of marriage. Other clients become entangled in adversarial proceedings, perhaps, including domestic violence or heated disputes over property division, alimony (spousal support) or children’s issues.

We meet each divorce client where they are and lead them assuredly to where they need to end up: Well-positioned to rebuild their futures as newly single people once again.

Child custody and child support: When divorcing couples share children, family dynamics and legal issues intersect along the path to establishing a co-parenting routine. The reality of co-parenting with an ex-spouse means the family will continue, though with a different structure.

Stakes are high for mothers and fathers seeking to protect their parental rights, as well as support their children’s best interests. Our lawyers advocate compassionately and skillfully for parents who aim to preserve close bonds with their children while sharing custody, in most cases.

Whenever possible, we recommend sensitive, thoughtful and conciliatory approaches to determine where children will live. We also help divorcing or separating parents to understand the state-mandated child support guidelines. Our goal is to ensure that our clients will pay or receive proper child support amounts.

Other family law matters: We advise unmarried parents on the best ways to protect their parental rights and their children’s best interests. Clients sometimes bring other issues to our attention, such as paternity actions, grandparents’ rights and stepparent adoption. Our decades of experience have equipped us to offer efficient, reasonable solutions that respect our clients’ highest priorities.

Is It Time To Get An Empathetic, Experienced Family Law Attorney In Your Corner?

Let us hear about your concerns, explain the services we offer and get started on helping you resolve your family law matter. Our focus is on your satisfaction, along with your family’s future. Schedule a consultation by calling 314-391-8747 or sending an email message through this website.